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You can’t spell mARketing without AR
It is now possible to greatly enhance the user experience on Facebook and Instagram using advanced AR masks, effects and filters. This will surely raise interest and give your clients and visitors more possibilities to share great interactive AR content. Increasing popularity and visibility of your brands, product and events. We help to create and distribute creative customized AR experiences and filters through popular social networks. Elementals is able to help you Create and Distribute New, Rich AR Experiences with Ease, allowing your brand to connect with a larger audience across these popular social network platforms and share your experiences with people around the world – wherever they are.
Create responsive AR experiences that go beyond simple masks & filters, and give your customers & visitors more reason to do social sharing about your Brand, Products & Events on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Snapchat apps when they try on your customised AR experience for them.
Face tracking
High fidelity face tracking produces more accurate interactions and realistic effects
Import Objects & Sounds
Sound files and 3D objects from other sources can be added
Sync effects with movement
Experiences that overlay hand and body movement can be created, and touch gestures can be used to create deeper engagement
Take people to new places
Usage of background segmentation to separate people from their background, creating experiences that transport them to different places.