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From 2D to 3D. Get ready for the metaverse!
As digital experiences become ubiquitous and radically improve the customer experience, the demand for 3D content is increasing exponentially. Thanks to advancement in technology and telecommunications, our devices are more and more capable of visualizing high quality 3D assets. This is enabling new ways of shopping using 3D product configurators and AR. Consumers are adopting rapidly these technologies and familiarizing with these enhanced experiences which will become the standard. A 3D asset library is now a ‘must’ for virtually every business to exploit the next content revolution.
Product 3D Services
Low- & High-Poly 3D modeling
Low-poly 3D modeling is usually used for interactive realtime experiences. Like 3D configurators, or Augmented and Virtual reality applications. You can use low poly models in computer games too. High-poly 3D modeling is used to create photorealistic high end marketing materials, like product renders, product animations, videos. Also often used for rendered layered configurators with limited viewing angles.
3D Product Rendering
Product Rendering is a digital alternative to product photography, often also called virtual photography. It allows to visualize the product in really high visual quality, change textures, materials, various other options. It’s possible to create renders of a product from multiple angles, however the level of user engagement will be limited by those pre-rendered variants. 3D product rendering is a good way to decrease spending on the maintenance of a physical photo studio.
360° Product View
Now days the web is becoming more and more immersive and interactive. So it’s really already not enough to have simple static images of a product on your website. Consumers expect to get a fully immersive experience and want to view products from all sides and angles. And this is where 3D modelling comes into play to enhance your eCommerce presence!
Ability to order from one to thousands of 3D models
We specialize in creating high quality 3D content coming in all shapes and forms. From low to high poly models! From interactive 3D models used in WebGL to static photorealistic renders. We are a 3D content production factory. Order one model or a thousand. We will streamline the process and get you what you need!
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AR Development for Commercial Airline
"Meetings were quick to set up, and deliverables were prompt and timely."
The product was high-quality and satisfied all testing requirements. Elementals Studio's team worked diligently to deliver on time and were always available for meetings to discuss the project.
Senior Digital Development Analyst, Singapore Airlines
Vehicle AR Visualizer for Automotive Company
"Their responses were always timely, and you can tell that they have a passion for their work."
The mobile app successfully engaged potential customers, leading to several pre-bookings without seeing the real car. The Elementals Studio team is driven to deliver high-quality solutions through a combination of proactive customer service and extensive familiarity with relevant technologies.
Marketing Executive, Automotive Company
Mobile App Development for Real Estate Management Company
"They were able to create an immersive experience for our users."
Elementals Studio successfully delivered an immersive, feature-rich experience for the client's users, and the solution boasted over 200 active users. Accommodating and receptive to feedback, the team was quick to attend to issues and helpful in suggesting ways to further elevate the app.
Business Launcher, LHN Group